Keep it Simple, Silly

Too Tired To “Helicopter”!

Every time I come across an article warning against the dangers of “helicopter parenting,” I always give a little chuckle at the implication that one might hover over a child’s every move to the point of stunting her growth in independent, imaginative thinking. 

While I definitely fit into that “type A” category of moms with an inclination to chase after every fear and the desire to parent perfectly, those are but lofty ideals I cannot live up to (thank God for sure!). The greater part of me—the human part—is simply too tired, stretched far too thin, and entirely toooooo lazy!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my kiddos! In our home, we like to vacillate between moments of “Wow! I just managed to pull off that awesome Pinterest activty!!” and “I’m exhausted! Oh, look, the kids just ran off and got lost in imaginative play. Couch time!” And, to be honest, there is a heavy dose of exhausted couch time for this mama!

All that to say, I felt super cool when I stumbled upon a cheap and easy DIY numbers activity for “Big Sister” and “Handsome Man.” I have seen these types of number activities floating around the internet. I can’t take credit for the ideas, but I can admit how clever I felt when I turned one cheap poster board into three very simple activities that my kids loved. Ha!

Keep it Simple, Silly!

The truth is, kiddos either want to do it or they don’t. It’s supposed to be fun, so go easy on yourself and let them make it their own. If they want to follow the rules, great; there’s learning taking place! If they want to mark in all the “wrong” places, great; there’s learning taking place! This is where my laziness got to sit in the driving seat! I gave my kids the materials, explained what to do and then let them have at it. They had an absolute blast just dabbing plain dots all over the place—and they were intensely focused on it for a looooong time while Hubby and I actually got to talk and ignore them a bit.

“Handsome Man” got distracted halfway through stickers. . .and that’s OK!
“Big Sister” had a blast when I added new #DabandDotMarkers colors, too!
It was SUPER cute watching my kiddos jump up and down to color these. . .but, alas, they had no clothes on in the video!


Materials Needed 

  1. Pack of matte poster boards:
  2. Bingo dobbers: (we used these)
  3. Stickers of your choice
  4. Black permanent marker


  1. Give the kiddos the bingo dobbers and let them go crazy “dobbing” on the poster board.
  2.  Turn the poster board over, if you’re frugal like me:
    • write large numbers (1-9) in permanent marker. Draw large circles on each number (eg. 1 circle on the #1, 2 circles on the #2  etc.)
    • Have kiddos “dob” their markers on each circle.
  3. Let the kiddos put stickers over the dots they just colored in.




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