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Yellow Apple, Red Banana

On Saturday morning this past weekend, in a fog of exhaustion, I could feel my 3-year-old son—we’ll call him “Handsome Man”—as he crawled into bed with me in the too early hours of the morning.

He is an endlessly talkative little boy, so his voice was fading in and out of my awareness. My brain would try to capture a phrase: “OH! That is SO cute. I want to remember that. . .!” And then, “Zzzzzz!”

Somewhere in between “I don’t go into the forest [we have no forest] because there’s dinosaurs,” and “I REEEEALLY love you Mommy!” I heard him repeating a joke that he’d shared with his big sister the afternoon before:

My 5-year-old daughter–we’ll call her “Big Sister”–had been laughing at herself, shouting and giggling “¡Manzana amarillo [yellow apple]! Is that funny, Mama!” In response, “Handsome Man” cried out, “¡Banana rojo [red banana]!! Is THAT funny!?” As a Mama who has greatly regretted not continuing Spanish studies way back in my youth, this felt like a tiny little glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe I could learn Spanish and continue to further ignite my kiddos’ language development as they grow.

So, back to those foggy Saturday morning chatterings…There I am in between bouts of snoring and my mind spinning to wake up and listen to my son, when “Handsome Man” again jokes, “¡Plátano rojo! Is that funny, Mama!” It may sound like such a small thing, but I’ve been on a high ever since.

It’s been about a 1-1.5 years since I’ve been trying to learn Spanish and teach my kiddos. Nonetheless, we’ve only really managed numbers, colors, and some animal names—and somewhere in between, brought home baby #3, “Bubbles.” I’ve been doing everything I can to study and listen to Spanish while “stuck” snuggling with “Bubbles”—and suddenly the kiddos start saying tiny phrases that show they’re hearing my efforts. And, in my heart, we’re off to the races!


While this blog will likely include some of my other passions such as worshiping God and growing in the LORD, homemaking, and homeschooling, it is my love of Spanish that I’ve been specifically wanting to document. I don’t even know if it’s possible to manage teaching anything that resembles fluency by their adulthood, but I figure what is there to lose? Let’s reach for las estrellas (the stars)! ¡Vamos a empezar! That is, hoping my Spanish is accurate, let’s get started!

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